Leather is a sacred material. It played a quintessential role in the rise of civilization. It has yet to be obsolete, and it will forevermore be revered as a material with deeply profound and intimate roots. The art of leather making has existed for roughly 7,000 years. Our earliest ancestors used hides for every facet of life. These hides were used to shelter us from the elements, to shield our exposed bodies. It was later used to cover our bare, unclad feet, as we traversed unmarked terrain. It was used to create weaponry, and amour in the semblance of unknown odds. It was used in scrolls and the first book bindings, to bind our words and thoughts on paper. It has endowed us with its form, its durability, its amaranthine legacy. It is a medium of raw power and resiliency, such that no synthetic material has ever been able to accurately replace it.

Today, leather still graces the booth seats in a quaint diner, adorns us in those charming and venerable ways, relics of sleepier times. In the modern industrial world, sustainably sourced leather from small makers is the only way to stay true to leather’s veritable roots. That we may not leave dust unsung. It is estimated that only 10-12% of leather tanned today is vegetable-tanned (using natural agents((The most common vegetable tannins are bark from quebracho, oak or mimosa or fruit, tara extracts.)) instead of mineral, synthetic and chemical agents). The art of vegetable tanning is a rare skill and takes talent more than just blind production. It makes for some of the finest leather with a backbone.

Long Dusty Trail Leather is created by Amanda Timm. Amanda is a small, studio-based, independent maker. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri and now residing in the sage-strewn awe that is Taos, NM. Endlessly inspired from the world that surrounds. Revived by the beauty and meaningful fabrication of modern amour. Enthralled to adorn her many muses.

LDT strongly believes in sustainability. If responsibly sourced, attentively constructed, and thoughtfully maintained-- leather can last life times. Making leather goods only from the highest quality sources makes for a better product for the consumer and the earth. That when we wear it, we may sing it. That we may hail the dust, and brave the future with conscious, even step.

All leather is vegetable-tanned by Wickett & Craig.

Hayley Harper does most of the LDT photography, follow her on instagram @hayflux